Pikes Peak—America’s Mountain

Summit Complex

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Visited by more than 600,000 people annually, Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain – is one of the most visited mountains in the world. Inside the Summit Complex, reached by trail or COG Railway, visitors are welcomed by a variety of regional menu options with ingredients sourced through partnerships with local purveyors. Several foodservice sustainable strategies are employed to reduce the environmental impact at the site of this American Icon and promote a low carbon footprint including: reduced water consumption, remote refrigeration and water chilled condensers, on-site pulping and dehydrating, as well as, ventless hood technology.

Pikes Peak Summit interior with stairwell and cafe entrance.

Project Data

Project Type
New Construction
Anticipated Opening 2021
Engagement Type
Foodservice Design / Construction Admin.
Project Size
Foodservice Size
24,225 Sq. Ft
3,880 Sq. Ft
Project Cost
Foodservice Cost
Operation Type
Residential / Cafe
Serving Capacity
Total Seat
500 meals/day
Webb Foodservice Design Consultants have designed our projects for over 10 years. We have great confidence in their ability to provide us with the most innovative equipment recommendations and operational design.”
Civic Market Client

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