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Webb delivers all-encompassing solutions that span every phase of project development, from the initial ideation and meticulous planning to the sophisticated design and successful completion. Our expertise is centered around crafting top-tier foodservice and hospitality concepts, exemplifying both excellence and innovation.

Strategic Planning & Master Planning
Strategic planning is the process of using your organization’s mission, vision, and values to apply to guiding principles for company direction within your culture, conducting research to measure the attributes that will define approach and then creating a solution to achieve the goals. The process is intended to be interactive and inclusive of all feedback from stakeholders. The deliverables tell the story, the sequences of the discoveries, and the application to the goals.

Strategic Planning
& Master Planning

Detailed Project Programming
Programming at the individual project level provides specific, detailed information to guide building design. We assist the design team in programming development by defining the foodservice space requirements, utility data, performance specifications, and equipment budget costs.

Detailed Project

Feasibility Studies
During a feasibility study we analyze the foodservice space and operation while taking all of a project's relevant factors into account—including financial, staffing, logistics, infrastructure and phasing considerations. In collaboration with end users, operators, and the A/E team we develop sustainable project strategies that assist in client decision-making processes.


Equipment Assessment & Inventory
We help clients to understand the life cycle of equipment or the feasibility of re-using existing equipment for renovations by providing a thorough analysis of equipment, infrastructure, and code compliance. We are diligent in providing various options and recommendations along with equipment and infrastructure costs.

Equipment Assessment
& Programming

Menu Engineering & Ideation
Together we create an inspired menu, setting service style and price points. We base our recommendations on information about the area competition, gathered by us and provided by third-party sources. We also incorporate the relevant information discovered in our earlier demand and capacity studies.

Menu Engineering
& Ideation

Schematic Design
Upon approval of the concept design, we begin working with the clients’ architectural and design teams to develop the initial project drawings and documentation; this includes equipment floor plans, cost estimates, and selection. Throughout the process we bear in mind code requirements, as to facilitate compliance with protocols such as DSA, CDPH, and OSHPD. We determine utility-load estimates as well as collaborate on seating styles, environments, and strategies for developing the project’s dining experience.


Design Development
In partnership with the project’s engineers, we ensure the space’s utilities and systems can fully support the needs of the kitchen and dining infrastructure. We finalize plan layouts and provide an itemized equipment schedule that includes plumbing, electrical, and mechanical requirements. Aside from rough-in plans for the utilities’ connections, we also provide equipment budgets to assist the client in making any value-engineering decisions before final working drawings are produced. All foodservice equipment is fully modeled in Revit BIM360 at this point, allowing the design team to visualize each piece’s form and dimensions as they embark on the other interior elements.


Construction Documents
The drawings and deliverables created during Design Development inform the Construction Documents. In this phase we double-check our work and perform clash-detection reviews with all relative consultants (such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and life safety) to ensure proper connections, routings, and/or clearances. Detailing our findings, we then provide written specifications for equipment, custom sections, details and elevations. In this phase we are active in collaborating with the project interior designers to help guide the experiential design of both the back and front of house.


Plan Check & Permitting
As part of Plan Check we assist the design team in all aspects of the submittal process, with specific support for health department certifications and, if needed, resubmittal processes. Not only can we ensure that the design meets health and safety codes, but we can also shepherd you and your projects through all stages of compliance, including the stringent protocols of county health departments, OSHPD, CDPH, and DSA.

Plan Check
& Permitting

Bid Analysis & Cost Management
Once our final plans and specifications are sent out to contractors, we support the client and design team by ensuring bidder questions are answered in a timely manner and that all bids arrive complete. We analyze and validate the offers, review equipment alternates, and assist in the contract negotiation process.

Bid Analysis &
Cost Management

Construction Administration
Our Construction Administration services range from coordination meetings to addressing foodservice-related Requests for Information. We visit the site at set intervals to ensure the foodservice components are constructed and installed to the approved specifications. We review change orders and provide direction for the appropriate action. Upon significant project completion, we conduct a punch walk to confirm that all items are complete and meet with the Owner’s expectations.


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